How to avoid the Summer Slump?

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I'm not sure about you, but as I'm scrolling though my feed, I'm seeing a theme in my network and in the dance educator groups I belong to. 

Summer is Coming. 

Actually, the better term is looming... there is a sense of tension and worry, with fist clenched and breaths being held. 

Anyone else feeling it? 

It's no surprise that studios can experience a summer slump.  People are taking vacations and traveling so their schedules aren't as consistent and sometimes, let's...

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Are you a Decisive Decision Maker?

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Last year about this time, my dear college roommate texted me and asked,

"Hey, you want to go see Hamilton? ... On Broadway?"  

Um, Yea. 

"I got us tickets!" she texted. 

Check my calendar.  Holy cats!  It works... I don't have my kiddos that weekend!  YES I CAN SO GO!

Fast forward six months.  

Life happens.

I switch my weekend schedule with my ex without thinking about this epic weekend that was already in the works. 

Fast forward 2 more...

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"I can't do this anymore!"


There is a bit of a theme happening these past few weeks.

Maybe it's because I'm really feeling it. My studio is growing, and I'm hiring and outsourcing more then I ever have.  And I'm realizing I just can't do it all, nor do I want to do all the things anymore.

As a studio owner or dance teacher you're probably in the thick of it right now.  The end of the dance season is rolling in, and it's all hands on deck with recital, summer planning, fall registration, guest teachers, new...

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How to hire a V.A.


In last weeks blog, "What are you worth?," I talked about delegating some things on your to do list so that you could free up more time to work in the areas of your business that are your zone of genius.

So after the blog went live, I literally put my words to work and hired my first virtual assistant.  

I've never done it before.  


Along with the usual objections, (take a look at last weeks blog.)  I had a few more to add to the list.

#1 The Big One. 


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What are YOU Worth?


Who's busy? 

Dumb question right? 

Most of you are probably thinking, "Ummm, yes! I'm maxed out with work, teaching, studio ownership responsibilities, being a partner, parent, friend, coach, etc."

Yea, that's what I thought. So I appreciate you for taking the 3 minutes to read this.  (I promise to deliver.) 

I'm "busy" too. But, I want more! 

Yup... first world problem, and I fully own it. 

I want greatness pouring out of me in everything I do. (Some might...

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Well, She didn't have to say that...


It's one thing when you work your tail off and crush some goals... but it's a whole other can of "Hell Yes!" when someone else recognizes publicly what you did! 

Whether it's a boss, a colleague, a friend or even your mom.  It all feels pretty awesome.  

Last week I had the privilege of being a guest on "Double Your Sales Now!" Podcast with Urusual Mentjes.


I've known Ursula for about 3 years.  And when I say "known," it's actually more like, I saw her speak 3...

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New Clients. Every. Single. Month.


This week was April 1st.  No Fooling.  

We've officially launched Q2.  

Are you starting to see a little decline in energy & numbers? 

That my friend is no laughing matter.  Not if you're going to hit those January goals you set out to do!  (need help NOW? Skip reading and scroll down to the bottom and pick up all the Freebies!)

If you're a competition studio, you are in the thick of weekend events and the novelty of it all may have worn off a bit....

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Not my ideal stats...



Let's play a little game.  Do you know the answer to this little trivia question? 

What Profession has the Highest Rate for Divorce? 



Middle school math teachers?

um, nope. 

The answer?

Dancers and choreographers!  Yup.  We get the title for the #1 divorced profession. That statistic according to this USA today article.

How's that for some happy-news-worthy-information. Great talk while we're stretching on the floor with our...

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Are You Living on Purpose?


This past Sunday I'm getting ready to start my day and doing the morning routine. 

Coffee, shower, breakfast, more coffee and looking forward to hearing my friend speak at an area church.  I am of course running late because, I am an optimist, and I think I can quick answer that email and do a encouraging post and still get there in time when my phone pings. 

"I just wanted to let you know that Marcia passed away yesterday morning."




How? Really?  


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"Don't you just LOVE paying Taxes?"


Said NO One Ever!  

Hey there Everyone!

Today is the last day of our 3 part series entitled, 

"Growing Smarter."   

If you missed that last two blog posts, here is the first one, "Hold Up! Don't Announce ANYTHING Yet!"  and the second, "The Million Dollar Idea in your Studio Right Now!"   

Today we're going to talk about this really "fun" topic called


Did your shoulders just hike up a bit? Your stomach clench?


It's tax season....

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