I'm embarrassed to ask... but do you struggle to pay the bills?



As a dance teacher/studio owner... we "only work" about 9 months out of the year.  (and yes, you can roll your eyes. I know we work more....) But the majority of our income, comes during the school year or September - June.  

So... unless you wanna work until your 93, most of us have another avenue or two or three of income. 

Millionaires have WAY more then one stream of income. 

So as a business woman, and someone who doesn't want to eat Ramen Noodles now...

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Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.


I recently heard someone say, "I am so glad I am not getting married these days... there are too many options!"  They were referring to all the social media, with Pinterest getting top billing. And y'all, I couldn't agree more. Wow... My head started to spin just thinking about all the possibilities of influence one has in making their special day...well, special.


Some of you might be in that season of life, and if you are... I can only imagine the complete overwhelm...

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My favorite 4 letter words...

Oct. 2 Blog

Why the face!  (I love me some Phil Dunphy from Modern Family

We're gonna talk about my favorite 4 letter words. 

They are the Best! 

They are music to my ears. 

They make me flippin' giddy. 

You're gonna love 'em.

Are you ready? 






Perhaps it's because acts of service is my #1 love language.  (Gary Chapman for the win) Or maybe because I'm a mama with five kiddos and a couple of businesses who's trying to stay one step...

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Ouch... that hurt.


Have you busted your butt, and gone outside your comfort zone to do something you truly believed in, only to be let down by people in your circle who you thought had your back? 

I'm sure speakin' to the choir.  Most of you are in the dance field.... and let's be real, shall we? You don't just jump into the dance world without knowing that the road will be tough, bumpy, and scary world.  Plus the scenery overall is pretty meh.  I mean, dance studios don't vary that...

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Do You Still Get Nervous?


I'm not sure if this is a tip or more of a confession...

But have you ever been driving along, blaring the music, having a great hair day, wearing actual clothes that aren't mistaken for gym clothes or pj.'s, the windows are down and you're just singing away?

You're feeling fabulous!

You're feeling awesome!

You're feeling like your check list is completely done, dinner is timed out perfectly in the crock pot, and you have an extra hour before you are needed anywhere! 


And then you...

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For the Love.... Just start already!


OK.... I'm kind talking to myself.  But maybe you can relate? 

I'm a professional procrastinator.  Seriously... If I could get paid to procrastinate, I'd be rolling in moola.  Serious moola. 

And here's the deal... I know I am. I will wait til the last minute and pull it out, and usually it's ok.  But if I really took what, maybe a few extra minutes, or hours, or in some cases days or weeks, man, I WOULD CRUSH IT!  

So why? Who knows... because when I...

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My Favorite 3 Word Phrases Dance Teachers Say


I asked a dance teacher forum what they were saying to their dance students in the studio, and I received over 300 comments!   

Although point your toes, and straighten your knees were highlighted a lot, I wanted to share with you the top 10 favorites of mine.  Some of them can be worded multiple ways... and I tried to include them. 

However, I must admit, what makes me most happy about this list, is how our little dance phrases cross over into real world situations. ...

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Those 3 little words...


And it's not,  "I love you..." Although, I do. I so appreciate you taking the 2 min. it take to read this. Really.  You have no idea. 

These are 3 little words that can be incorporated in your studio or business... well actually now that I think about it, ALL of your life.  No matter what business you own, or if you manage people, or if you are out and about... these words can shift peoples mindset, making our spheres of influence even more positive! 

I received the...

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A little Freebie for you!


When you find a product, or destination or an app that you LOVE you kinda wanna share it with everyone, right?

If you own a business, you most likely have an on boarding process that is all done online.  Weather people can actually sign up or set up appointment online or get everything they need to make a buying decision so that when you finally meet them, they are basically handing over their credit card. That's a great feeling.  The world wide web has been able to "do" so...

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The Co$t of Rest.


You guys... I did it!

I just went on my first ever VACATION with my kiddos. 


Legit getaway outside of Gramma & Grampas house and it was a big deal for my family.  

A vacation was needed for us all.  Some time to bond and be waaaay more relaxed.  Running my businesses, and being a single mom aren't for the weary of heart.  My kiddos range from 14-5y. and we are in full mode of running and chasing.  Seldom do I have ALL of my children home at...

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