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Three Tips You MUST Do to Grow

Do You want to bring YOUR Dance to the online world...

You know. Like a course or a curriculum.  Or maybe even a membership or an online mastermind? 

Does the idea of making money "in your sleep!" sound amazing? But you're triple guessing yourself, because nothing is really that amazing.  Is it?

Or maybe you have seen others succeed in their niche of business, but but you're completely overwhelmed with all the technology, marketing, and logistics. And let's face it, your time is limited.  So where do you even start? Let alone how?  Especially in the dance world? 

Don't worry. I got ya.  

Hey there, I’m Melissa.

A dance educator for over 20 years and a studio owner for 10.  After I maxed out my time and space with my brick and mortar studio, I decided to delve into the online world.  After all, I saw other industries doing it, why couldn't it be done in the dance world? 

So after investing, learning, stretching, and growing, I successfully launched my brick and mortar studio to the online world through my online membership &  then later added my online courses.

Growing my revenue by over 20% each year and then doubling my membership in January 2019! 

This is real. This is legit. And this is possible for You! 

If you've ever even had the slightest inclination of starting your own online dance endeavor, click my top three tips to grow your business.  These tips can be used for your own brick and mortar business as well as setting you up for success with your future online business.  

And the best part?  It's FREE!  

So, click that cute pink button and let's get to know each other! 

Seriously, You can't afford NOT to!

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