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Where YOU can Confidently Grow You Business from Striving to Thriving!

Hey Friend! How's business these days?

Let's get real shall we?   I'm kind of a tough love lady, & here's what I know about you...

You've been a business awhile, maybe even a few years - but somehow you've lost your mojo. The clients aren't coming as easy, the contracts aren't being signed or your profit margins?  Um, where did they go?  

Or you feel like your looking inside a glass bottle trying to read the label? You know it's there & it should make sense, but from your view you can't even begin to decipher the words.

You've listened to all the podcasts, you've read every book & you've watched a ton of YouTube videos. You're pulled in so many different directions of what you "should" or "could" do.  

Now you're starting to wonder if this road of business ownership is even worth it.  You find yourself doing it all. At all times of the day & you're not really seeing the results you should.

But you were made for this!  You're smart, you're strong, you're capable. You've a great product or service. 

But things are feeling, um do even we say it?  "Desperate" or "Shaky" or "Uncertain." 

Become the BOSS of Your Business

If you said yes to any of this, you're in the right place.   

Hey there, I’m Melissa.

I've been there, done that, and I so get it.  

As a dance educator for over 20 years & a business owner for over 10 years, I understand first hand the ebbs & flows of entrepreneurship.  The emotional roller coaster of coming off the best month ever only to be borrowing money from my kids savings account to pay the rent.  I hate to say it. #truth.

But then, five years ago, I got sick & tired of being sick & tired & did something to change it.

I got divorced. 

Not the answer you thought I'd say?

You're right, & it's no laughing matter.  But then I did the other D word ~

I Decided. 

Yes! Let's Do This.

You see, I wasn't growing a business, I was "playing business."  I realized that if I was going to be able to provide for me & my five (yes 5) kiddos, things were going to have to change. 

So I invested, learned, stretched, & successfully grew my business over 20% that year. 

Then the next year another 20%+ growth, & then the next year! This year I'm on track to grow my business over 30% !

Together, my team & I have grown our student enrollment by 43%, we've doubled our online membership, & grew our social presence by 125%.  Now, in January of 2020 we will be moving from a 1000sf space into into a 3000sf facility! 

I don't say this to brag - I say it because I didn't do it alone. 

I had a coach. 

I didn't know what I didn't know, & I needed an outside, non-emotional perspective to guide me to clear strategies & focus.  Someone to challenge me to reach for those crazy goals, hold me accountable to them & then objectively speak to my failures.  Because when you put out crazy ass goals y'all, you're gonna have some failures ~ that fail you forward my friend. 

So are you ready?

I'm Ready to Level Up!



It's YOUR Time to Level Up!

Why a Coach? 

You have to work ON your business. Not IN it. 

You need a mentor who's been through this already and understands what's at stake as you take the leap to the next level. 

A coach to help you clarify your goals, hold you accountable, challenge you, push you, & open your mind to what's possible.

A guide  to take you through the murky waters of the unknown & get you to the other side of your business that has new clients coming in daily, contracts that are signed & a profit margin that can be seen without squinting. 

But here's a little secret ~ No one will tell you that you need a mentor, coach or guide... unless your an employee. 

It's Up to You to Decide. 

I've Decided to Level Up!

You're Ready to Level Up if...

  • You're sick of just hitting your goals.  You want to SMASH them. 
  • You've been a Solopreneur - but you you've hit a wall.  What was working isn't working now.
  • You're ready for some straight up tough love & accountability.  

You Want to be part of Level Up if...

  • You have big dreams that you must get!
  • You're ready to play a bigger game 
  • You're ready for real connection, mentorship, & business relationships with other kick ass business women who will support, challenge & cheer you on.

Then I Invite you to Level Up!

Jump start your 2020 & make it the best year ever for you, your business & your most important VIP's.  

What is Level Up?

  • 4 Women focused for a 90 day commitment to create the momentum needed to launch your business to the next level through strategy, accountability, scaling & streamlining your business. 
  • Weekly 60 minute Master Mind sessions, where each person will have an opportunity to share their concern each week & receive valuable insight from the group.
  • One private 30 minute coaching call per month with Melissa
  • Private Facebook Group for Members for support & accountability. 
  • High Access to Melissa Monday-Friday via voice & text to ask questions/concerns that come up outside of mastermind calls & private calls. 
  • All this packaged up with tools, strategy, resources, tough love, accountability & your biggest raving fan!
  • This is a beta group is limited to 4 amazing ladies. 
  • No cc needed to apply.  Your commitment to the group will be needed by Dec. 29th, 2019. 
  • SPECIAL BONUS!  Claim your spot by Dec. 15th & receive an additional 30 minutes  coaching call with me Free! Get a head start!
I want in!

Meet Sara

"I was frustrated as a newer realtor.  I was driving up to 2 hours away to show houses. I wanted listings, but more importantly, local listings. 

Melissa suggested that I do a live stream every Friday featuring aspects of my local community.  Feature another business owner, the schools, the parks.  

I totally resisted. She even created an outline for me- showing me the steps, who I could interview, & even coordinated it with the seasons or holidays. I finally did it.  

After only 3 Friday Features, (over a span of 3 weeks) I was asked to be the spokes person for a new online show, "The Hudson Show."  Now I have more visibility than ever, more local listings & I tripled my income this year! 

Melissa was a big part of my growth this year. She mentored me with my goal for local visibility, guided me with a plan, & coached me through my fears & held me accountable."


Claim Your Spot!  

Because this is a beta group - special reduced pricing is in place.  $299 for 90 days or an easy payment plan of $119 for 3 months. 

With only 4 spots available, you are part of an elite group of leaders.  The next time Level Up! will be offered prices will increase. Don't miss out on this offer grow your business in this unique way!









Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Do I have to have an online aspect to my business?

Of course not.  However, we will explore the opportunities you already have in your business & see if they can be scaled online.

Is this only for Women?

Yup.  Limited to four Amazing Women!

When will the Mastermind Calls be?

Mastermind Calls will be held Tuesday afternoons and Thursday afternoons.

What is Voxer & How Much Access do I Get?

Voxer is a walkie talkie app.  It allows you to text or voice memo people & saves it so you can refer back to it anytime.  It saves so much time! You can vox me all you want, however will only answer vox between the hours of 2-4pm Monday - Friday. 

  • “"Melissa is a great listener, & through this she was able to help me see my strengths. She has consumed a wealth of information regarding owning your own business & knows what tools you need to succeed."”

    CEO of Evolution Dance Concept

  • “"Melissa is a wealth of information."”

    CEO of Solo Yoga LLC

  • “"I just needed to let you know how much I appreciated the tips you shared."”

    Dance Educator

  • “"Your message was really supportive : reminding me to stop comparing myself to my "competitors" and just keep focused on my vision & authenticity."”

    CEO of Intellidance®

Claim Your Spot!